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Just an hour ago, I decided to start writing my own blog.... though I have never written any blog before nor I am into writing and stuff ... I remember my cousin kept asking me to start writing one sometimes back but I never actually started it but now finally I want to give it a try ....  *hopes*
OK!! I don’t know what to write and where to start from so want to start it with ABOUT ME: I am a freak and very very impulsive ... I get crazy after things I start doing ... like when I started doing my nails all I could think about 24/7 was "nail art" , "Nail art" spend over $1000 bucks on nail art stuff .... bought many many things online from E bay, Amazon, Wal-Mart etc... it is difficult to shop online in Pakistan because payment requires PayPal ... anyhow managed that too ... soon I became a nail art doer who had every possible thing for Nail do ... But I never professionally pursue nail art :) finally after 2 years the craze passed on and I stopped buying more of such stuff .... But I still wear crazy colors on my nails :p
it was not over yet and Bath n Body works grabbed my attention ... yaeh yeah we don't have bath n body works operates in Pakistan .... and the pity with online purchase with BBW is they require US credit card :( or PayPal ... again had to ask my Indian friends to let me use their PayPal account and I could pay them via western union .... got the parcels delivered to my aunt in US ... and they can sent it to Pakistan via DHL... long process :P but now I can proudly say I have 80% of their stock is with me  ... other than theirs newly launched and most wanted range of Forever Red .... they still on their way to me though :-) waiting anxiously ...
I am also into DIY [do it yourself] things these days ... made so many lip balms, liquid foundations, lip gloss, crème blush-on, shimmering body lotion n mist ... I can also make DIY perfume but it needs alcohol which is difficult for me to access at so skipped that :P ... also made many DIY holders and what not :)
now after BBW I am again into makeup’s and stuff ... I forgot to mention earlier ... I was a makeup freak since my childhood .... since the age of 12 I started playing with makeup's :P even did beautician course at the age of 16 :P oh yeah by profession I am a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT :) but I never forgot to live my life :) so m again into makeup and want to buy every make up available in the world ....
so since these days my passion is all about makeup I keep checking thousands of the beauty blog so ... I thought to why not to start one of  my own to let you lovelies learn easiest way to look gorgeous using your old stuff  ... let’s see how well it goes ... I’m still new at this so I hope I don't do too badly *finger crossed*

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