DIY : Make your own gel liner

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Today i am going to make DIY Tutorial and am super excited because i love doing things like this and to make your own kind of makeups so today am gonna teach you how to make your own Gel/Cream Eyeliner. i m using this liner for last few days am actually loving it and since am mixing primer in the Liner it will stay on longer :) And the best part is u can make it of any color you want... u can actually mix 2-3 shades n make ur own desired shade :)

Following things you will need to accomplish on making your Lip balm

  1. Vaseline / Petroleum jelly
  2. Eyeshadow Black color [ i used maybelline eyeshadow] 
  3. Eye primer  [i am using urban decay's primer]
  4. Containers
  5. Spoon
  6. Tooth pick
  7.  mixing dish

Take your eye shadow and crush it really well.  and then Place the eyeshadow in a mixing bowl

2ND STEP :Now take a scoop of vaseline and mix it with the shadow u can keep adding the vaseline till your get required consistency its better to add little by little than to ruin the whole liner.

keep mixing and mixing till u get a creme texture not to forget mixing is messy and important part.


after you done with mixing take small amount of your primer and mix it well in the liner mixture it will give your liner long lasting wear-ability you can add Eye Seal one drop to make it water proof too but i have not yet find that on any drug store in karachi. Use the tooth pick to take out the primer. now take any new container and transfer your mixture in the container.


This liner will not get dry as easily as your other liners get becasue of the vaseline which keeps it mostirized also even if it get dry u can add a little more vaseline and keep it alive :) i used the back of my spoon to transfer the mixture and with the help of tooth pick i transfered the whole stuff in my container. and here your go your own Gel Liner is ready to be used :)

when i decided to make my Ist Gel liner i was not sure if it would be even usable once .... was literally expecting it to be cheap quality liner which dont even dries .... but to my surprise its a great DIY... may be its cause if the primer effect and the shadow powder which dont keep the vaseline to glossy. 
i came accross new idea of creating this gel liner while typing this. after i try will share here provided i get desired result. doing DIY is so cool i keep gifting my friends these Balms, Blushes, liners and they actually super happy :P n me too :-)

  • It is very easy to apply if you are using a proper liner brush.Black color is really intense.
  • Stays for 6-8 hours and even more if applied over an eye primer.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Feels really light on eyes without giving greasy look

  • This product is not water proof.
  • Doesnot dry quicklu
  • This product is not Smudge proof.

It Don't cost u much. almost every one have Vaseline at home and every girl have eye shades which she can spare  what u just need is container ... which cost around Rs 5-10 :)

Thank you for your time. Don't forget to Subscribe. *Stay Beautiful* hope you like my tutorial ....

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