Bourjois Python Top Coat

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I saw Bourjois Python Top Coat swatches on internet and instantly fall in love with this amazing patterned polish. a burgundy nail polish which creates something similar to a crackle effect on the nails, only much more sophisticated, leaving you with a  chic snakeskin manicure.

About the Product :

Bourjois launches Top Coat Python,a top coat that reproduces the elegance of fine scales python for a manicure nail art refined.

One simple gesture for maximum effect!
Python Top Coat is applied in a single step:
• On two coats of completely dry nail color, apply a thin layer of Top Coat Python.
• Do not iron twice.
• Allow to dry ...
• After 1 minute, the scales will slowly appear!  

i used CSP Eve's Secret as my Base coat
result after applying
effects appearing slowly
final effect with out top coat
final effect with out top coat
Effect applying thin layer
effect using a bit thick layer

My Review :

If you follow me regularly you would be knowing I love to paint my nails all the time. I prefer trying new and different shades it just makes me happy looking at my funky nails.

My first try with this Top coat was a huge fail probably because i applied two thick coats as a base coat or i don know what was wrong still cant identify. Today i again gave it a try ans there it was an amazing python skin effect :). It gives this wonderful python effect slowly. you might think after applying its not working. Dont panic, it will show up after a minute :)

I am by no mean saying it is difficult to use, its just you need to know how to apply it and once you know voila you can get your nails ready in minutes :)

The good thing about this polish is that it doesn't dry quickly like crackle polishes which is good as you can apply multiple layers without disturbing the design. The formula is thin and pigmented. You need to apply thin layer of it on your base coat. Thick layer might disturb the python effect but it depends on how you like your nails :)

This most exciting addition to the collection, for me, is the gorgeous Python Topcoat,  This is a great polish and pops out differently on different base colors. It looks great on lime yellow, baby pink and golden :) 

Have you picked up any of these python/ crackled  polishes? What did you think? Which color do you own ? will you buy it again ? will you try this python top coat ? Let me know


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  1. wow this is cutee

  2. you sold this to me girl :) loved it on your nails xx

    1. must try and let me know how it looks on your nails :)

  3. Loved the effect of this crackle lacquer...It looks super nice on your nails... :)

  4. loved this top coat its seriously better than crack polish by the way can you tell from where can i buy it ???

  5. Lovely..looks better than a crack polish.


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