Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish

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Product Description :

The brilliant gel-shine finish guarantees an extremely glossy look and thanks to the extremely fast drying time, you’ll have perfect nails in a flash. the patented quick & easy brush is particularly flat to make application even easier. without damaging ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and softening phthalates. available in five new and a total of 32 trendy shades.
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Application Tips

Please use a base coat before applying which prevents discolouration of nails and makes your nail polish colour last longer. Then apply the desired nail polish colour as usual.


  • 32 cool new and trendy colors
  • gel-shine effect for fabulous glossy nails
  • new quick & easy brush
  • ultra fast-drying formula
  • lasts ultra-long
  • perfect coverage
My Review :

Today i am gonna review shade 129- the boy next door. Its quite cool blue color polish.I absolutely adore the new bottles. They're curvy and chic with a flat brush being I simply liked the new brush. It's flat and wider, shorter and rounded at the end. I find it easier and quicker to paint my nails with the new brush. Maybe that's because It takes less time to paint. Some laides might not like the brush for its width if they want to be really precise with the application.

The formula is good and this shade needed only 1 coat to be opaque but with many of Essence colous 2 coats might be needed for full opacity. But with shade 129 one color was enough. 
The another thing i like about best these polishes are they dry quickly and you i donot have to wait longer to some art on it ;). Also it is suggested to wear a base coat before its application, personally i rarely use base coats because when the time comes to remove ur paint, with so many coats it take lot of time to remove your colors BUT it dont leave any mark on your nails. so Perfect, i will call it.

Essence color & Go shade 129- the boy next door 
Flat Brush and nail swatches
No base top - result after removing polish

Cost & Availability:

These polishes are easily available across leading supermarket in pakistan and price Rs 270/-

I Hope you will Like my Review :)

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