Nail Art *Checkered Nails* Tutorial

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Hey Girls,

On the request of many beautiful ladies out there , Today i am going to share my first ever nail art tutorial. I want to keep it simple and easy to do art. so, the design I choose to write my tutorial on is named as *Checkered Nails*

The pattern is really eye catching and looks great on both short n long nails. Even though the design looks difficult to create but it is rea1ly easy to do. 

Here are the steps :

  1. Start with a base coat (i didn't use base coat)
  2. Paint your nails white. I coated Two layers to make it opaque
  3. Now its time to Draw black squares. Take your Striping brush or any thin brush and start drawing a grid. so this is kind of tic tac toe game (you can use black nail polish - i prefer using acrylic colors or my favorite Sally hansen nail art pen). its ok if you dont draw perfect smooth lines. it will cover up
  4. Now take out dotting tool or tooth pick or any brush and start filling it in alternate squares.
  5. once you are done seal it with Top coat and you are done.
Checkered nails tutorial
Items i used to create the look
Looks with many grids
palette before and after washing

You can draw as many square as you want. for ease i drew only 3 squares for you if you trying it for the first time :)

  • Always remember, Art is not about doing and using the same things and brands i am using, Its about using your creativity with what all the stuffs you already have in store with u.
  • If you are using Acrylic paint, u can easily wash off your brushes and palette by washing it with hot water :)and paint will come out like a peel off mask.

I will categorized this tutorial as EASY what do you say ? are you ready for some medium and difficult level tutorials ?

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial let me know in the comments below if there is any design or tutorial or pattern you would like me to share.

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