The Body Shop - Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume - Review

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About the product :

This beautiful light fragrance captures the romance and elegance of the Japanese Cherry Blossom with fresh and delicate floral notes on a fruity musk and sandalwood base.

How to use ?

Spray onto the pulse points to fragrance the skin with this romantic and elegant scent.


Top notes of: - Fuji apple, chinese magnolia and osmanthus flower

Heart notes of: - Star jasmine, japanese cherry blossom and japanese persimmon

Base notes of: - Sandalwood, hinoki wood, and fruity musk

My Review:

I love cherry blossom fragrance so I really love this scent range!!  I think we all have a "personal" fragrance, one that just kind of defines us. Well this is mine. The smell is nice, fresh, light, and very girly. It's sweet, but because of it being a flowery smell, it's not nauseating. It does however have a very sharp alcohol-like feel at first, but it fades quickly.

The smell is lovely , it's floral and girly. It is fairly strong, which is good because you don't need to apply more of the product. It works really well with other products in the Cherry Blossom range. I also have Body butter and body mist from The body shop and i simply love it.
I have heard many reviews that It doesn't last for very long, but that is expected from an Eau de Toilette but it lasts for good 3-4 hours.
The packaging is quite simple, a rectangular bottle with a sticker on it. I was hoping the packaging would have been a little bit prettier, so I could display it with my other favorite perfumes, but I can forgive The Body Shop for this because it smells divine. This is my second bottle of Cherry Blossom and i simply love it and will certainly buy it again.

I hope you will like my review :)  Click HERE to see what all i have in my Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection.

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  1. I like this one I love TBS White Musk Libertine.

    1. i have not tried that yet ... will try next time :)

  2. I love girly floral scents! They are so refreshing in summer :) x

  3. Nice review :)i love their white musk <3

    1. i think white musk is must try product now :) every one loves it

  4. Hi! I stumbled up on your blog and quite like it! I've also used the Japanese Cherry Blossom line, and I think it's a fab Springtime smell! Cheers! P.S- if you have time, please do check out my makeup&fragrance blogs at


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