MUA Lip Trio - Scarlet - Review & Swatches

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Hey dolls,

How are u all ? its been dayss i made any post for you beautiful ladies. i have been sick and then busy, but now i am back.

Today, i am gonna review MUA Lip Trio in Scarlet which i bought from will post my Haul post soon.


MUA Makeup Academy has launched this ‘Scarlet Lip Trio’, which will be a valuable inclusion in your make-up kit. The lipsticks in this trio give lips the visual effect of stain with comfort and stain of a lip gloss. The long-lasting colour of these lipsticks further lends a balmy finish to lips

Pucker up Spring with new MUA Lip Trios. The long-term colour with a satin, balmy finish leaves the look of effortless polish and understated sophistication. It is available in 3 shade.

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These beauties are one of MUAs latest launches and from the moment they were released I knew that I wanted to try them so you can imagine my excitement when these were available in Pakistan. 

Each one comes with three lipstick shades in pans and a sponge tip applicator - not my tool of choice for lipstick! (its more like eye-shade applicator). I don't know why it's even included for lip products. in my opinion a lip brush would have been better.I found that applying with my finger was also a good alternative.

My trio scarlet contains three glossy colours- a pink, a darker pink and a very pale pink.
This is the more pinky coloured trio that was released.I would describe these more as tinted lip balms or glosses, there's definitely not enough pigment and for the first time i tried this i found them a bit too stick.
I'm not going to lie, I've not been overly impressed with the formula, which is very unusual since  I've loved every other MUA lip product I've tried. The texture is a little on the stiff side, It's quite a glossy and creamy formula and spreads evenly (yes these are quite moisturizing lippies!!). I would have loved it if they were a bit more pigmented.
The shades are buildable, so a small amount can be applied for a lip stain effect.

As for longevity I get around 3 hours of wear with out any eating or drinking and 1 hour with eating and drinking. so I am going to say this does not have a good longevity. 

If you ask me if i will repurchase it ? i think my answer would be NO :/ i dont like that sticky feeling it gives me :) 

These Trio are available on for 450 PKR quite affordable price for a trio.

So, have you tried any of MUA's lipstick or Lip Trio ?? how was your experience ? tell me in the comments below :)

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  1. Hate the stickiness! :(
    Welcome back and I hope you are fine now dear! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. Love the post.I think the baby pink one is the same shade used in MUA sugar lips.I rather like it despite the stickiness but wont repurchase because of doubtful status in case of use of animal ingredients.xoxoxo

  3. lol the applicator is kinda dumb, shades r gorgeous though. Too much hassle to carry around when you can easily use a lipstick from a tube. Great review:) x

  4. O the colors are very vibrant <3


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