September's Haul

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Hello to all my lovely readers,

Girls, i appologize for not being regular on blog. its just that i am not getting much time out of this hectic routine. Studies + different classes + shopping for Eid and Wedding (cousin's) and i m also learnign Stitching these days so ....

So, i am into buying and buying many things this september but not getting tine to post my Haul. Here is the Collective Haul for September :)

These Dresses i ordered from Bangkok-Thailand, my favorite place for shopping for clothes.

This is a long Halter neck Maxy Gown

 This is butterfly style top
 I am actually loving this White shirt. Looks so decent and Elegant
halter- neck style stapped top

This is Cheetah print like long shirt with beautiful cuts/falirs at the bottom

 one of my favorite Top. Peacock Inspired

Another peacock inspired top

Now this is my beauty related Haul for September


It Includes :

  • Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Milk
  • Gucci Guilty - Repurchase
  • Falsies and Glue
  • Maybelline New york Color Sensation - Coral POP 420
  • Christine Princess - "Red" is "wet" 146
  • Becute's Velvet Sensation Shade 105

Sorry for the quality of pictures, i am using my cell phone to click pictures

Hope you will like my Haul :)

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  1. lovely haul you will be a busy girl playing with these goodies x

  2. It feels like i only read one thing from your post 'learning stitching' <3
    I don't know how to and that annoying sometime . My all sisters are soo good at it.. Share your learning experience tooo dear

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  3. Lol I smiled when I saw the dresses because they're a bit similar to your blog layout! You're very true to your own style :)

  4. just love the red halter neck maxi gown!! lovely haul :)

  5. The last peacock too is BEAUTIFUL!! I just love it! Xx

  6. The white shirt is pretty :)

  7. Wow... way to go shopping!
    Fab choices

  8. Great Haul!!! I'm loving the striped sweater.

  9. Wow, great haul! You picked up some amazing prints! Toni xxx

  10. I'm loving the two peacock-inspired items - you have a great eye for prints!

  11. Love your haul! It's a ton of beautiful outfits :)

  12. Those dresses are gorgeous! Did you buy them from an online shop? If so, can you share its link?

  13. wow i love haul posts ^_^ I bought three halter tops only to get the sleevs stitched afterwards but it took away the whole beauty.How do you manage the sleevless thingy?

    1. thanks shahrzad for liking the haul :) and what i do with these halters etc is i usually wear inners .... like some vests or capes etc ... i have got them in various designs ... got stitched with tailor actually :) so the style dont get affected :)

  14. Love that Black Halter Neck one :)



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