Colorful swirls - Funky Nail Art Tutorial

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Hello Gorgeous Readers :)

Its a Fun post today that i am going to share. its my favorite post - Yes ! Nail Art Tutorial :)

But Today, I did this for a Friend and She wanted it to be funky but colorful so this is what i created for her :) and she loved it. Here is the Quick tutorial for you to re-create the same.


1 - Paint your nails Black.
2 - using your white polish, start making swirly lines on all of your nails.
3 - Then fill in half of your nails with white.
4 - Create the same swirls, expect filling with white this time draw with Black polish.

5 - Repeat the process until you have a bunch of alternate black and white swirls.
6 - But make sure to leave a strip of white so one long white line as left over,
7 - You can leave them as it is. Like black and white swirls OR
8 - you can make it funky and add different colors. I used red, orange, yellow. green and blue.

Seal it with Top Coat and you are done :)


I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial let me know in the comments below if there is any design or tutorial or pattern you would like me to share. and if you try this design please share your art with me. I will love to see yours :) 

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  1. Awesome tutorial! I love that you took the time to take step-by-step photos for those like me who are challenged when it comes to recreating designs like this. ;) LOL I love the blast of color in the center of the design!

  2. The nails is so unique!! Like it!! Btw, the Kiss Me Heroine eyeliner is good. If you had chance to get it from, you should :)

  3. looks toooooooooo cooool! llove it

  4. so uniqueee and cool :O

    yun yuwa- beautylicous08

  5. So fun & creative - Just LOVE the colors!

  6. lovely.zabrdast job.The pictorial makes it sound sooo easy.I will def try it and when i do i will tag you :)

  7. That looks amazing! I wish a had the patience to do nail-art!

  8. wow! Looks really fun and bold! Would love to try it out! I love all the colors!

  9. These nails look very razta/ reggae chic :D I love them! :D

    - Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

  10. thanks for the tutorial! shall give this a try :D

  11. OMG! This is amazing! I would never be able to do one like this :S



  12. don´t know if I am able to recreate with the same result, however lovely to read your detailed tutorial.

  13. clear detailed tutorial thank you!

  14. Thanks for this awesome tutorial! I wish I was good at nail art. XD

  15. I haven't seen designs like that before. Definitely unique! I'm so terrible at nail art though, haha.

  16. It's a great design. You must have such a steady hand to do that! Thanks for sharing!

  17. cool nail art!! havent seen soemthing like this before :D

  18. love those funky nails! gonna go get me one of those brushes so i can try it out :D

  19. Whoa.. you just left me speechless!
    How did you pull it off so flawlessly? *________*
    Awesome. Perhaps I should start honing my nail art skills too LOL. :D

  20. oh wow!!! You did a great job!!!! Love the designs!


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