What Young Girls Need To Know.

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Hello Girls. I just came across this article on someone's blog and Its really True... There are those things  What Young Girls Need To Know. 

Look at her hair, they're so straight and shiny. Her skin, so fair and even. Her eyes, so big and beautiful. Whatever she does, she gets compliments. Boys adore her, people adore her. Everyone knows who she is, I mean just look at the amount of likes and comments she gets on her pictures and posts. Not to mention the expensive clothes she wears. And me? Read More >>

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  1. Thanks for sharing the article luv! Loved it!

  2. So true. Unfortunately I don't agree with some of the negative parts of the article, but as a whole I think there's some deep truth :)

  3. Indeed its thought provoking !! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Lovely Post thank you for sharing.
    Spreading some #GIGLove. Following you via GFC
    Will wait for your follows via GFC and Bloglovin



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