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Alright Girls today i am going to review one of the eye palettes from my stash which were ignored for long. This is an amazing palette and a 'must have' for your collection. It's "LA Girl 10 Color Eye Palette" and I am going to review and swatch two of these kits: "Harmony" and "NightLife".

Back in my Haul from Cherry Culture i bought these pretty looking palettes which looked really attractive by the glimpse of it. But when i actually held them in my hand and saw the texture i regreted buying them. One day I was getting bored and decided to try this palette, the movement I Swatched those shade I was in love with them and happy that I bought them initially.

  • HARMONY :This palette consist of netural/ day-to-day shades.
  • NIGHTLIFE : this palette consist of bright colors perfect for sultry and smokey look.

A super slim palette of 10 great colors, this compact is small enough to carry along and still big enough to hold a range of high payoff shades. Perfect for creating the smokey eye or a bright eye look!

The palette consists of 10 metallic/Shimmery  shades eyeshadows and same like MUA's Eye palettes, LA girls havenot defined any names for these shades too.

Inspite of being shimmery and mettalic shades i have not observed any fall out. They perform well and blends like butter giving you impression of creme shade.

The packaging of the palette is simple. The case is made entirely of plastic and without mirror. It does include typical sponge applicator which personally i don't like. Overall its a nice and affordable palette.

Lasting power of these palette is also not very bad. they last for good 3-4 hours even without primer.

I have been wearing them frequently now and i Just love them. It is affordable and has amazing pigmentation , as well as it is a great dupe for high end eyeshadow palette. I would highly recommend getting this , even for people like me, who are neutral eye wearer on a daily basis.

These palettes are priced  USD and are easily available at Beauty Joint and Cherry Culture and they offers worldwide shipping.

Have you tried this Palette ?? Will you buy it ?? Love to read your comments.
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  1. Those are some bold shades Shumaila :).

  2. Wow the colors are so pigmented and they look so silky smooth. LA Girls sure is coming up with some great products at dirt cheap prices...

  3. M so loving their texture 😍 post up any look created by these beauties!!

  4. these are perfect for a night out LOVE shimmery shades.

    1. yap these are perfect for creating different looks :)

  5. Beautiful palettes, love them.

    Following you on bloglovin and facebook, hoping to see you follow back :)

  6. Harmony looks gorgeous!

  7. These look amazingly pigmented and there are some super pretty shades! :)

    Jess xo

  8. Lovely color selection and the pigmentation seems amazing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  9. wow very bright and pigmented! dont think they are shades I would use though.


    1. if you are not into bold shades , you can try those neutral shades i think :)

  10. Those colours are really bright in the second palette, so possibly not for me, but they are pretty x

  11. wow these are so pigmented!
    I love such bright shades :D

  12. Replies
    1. yes these are really beautiful and pigmented colors


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