Instagram 20 Day Makeup Challenge | Day 4 | sunset inspired

by - 8:56 AM

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So, This is the 4th Day of me doing this 20 Days Makeup Challenge on Insta Gram. Its "Sunset Inspired". 

I was not sure as what to do. I searched and found girls usually do sunset inspired eye makeup which is too main stream so i decided to try Sunset Inspired Lips.

Day # 4 :Sunset Inspired


This sunset inspired look signifies evil n darkness after the light. If you want to look evil you could try this. The yellow on lips accentuates ur lips and makes them look wider specially with black slicks. You could even do a orange to a gradual yellow or a more saucy red to yellow.. All depending on how evil a personality you want to portray. A very offbeat look which people do not usually ever do.. Dare to try this one ?

Did you like this Lip Art ? If you were me, What you would have done ?  :)


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  1. This looks funky! Love the pop of yellow

  2. I think I'd have gone for sunset eyes, nice to see something a little more unusual! :)
    I love the palm trees!

    Jess xo

  3. Aw this looks real nice! :)
    I don't know what I would be able to do on my lips to be honest, they're not that big
    Yours are lovely and perfect as a canvas!

  4. You are taking up with the challenge very well :)

  5. Love those colours together, they work really well x

  6. Oh the 20 days makeup challenge sounds so much fun!

  7. It seriously sounds so much fun and I love the idea too but it would'd been much much better with a defined lip line. However, a nice try xx

  8. I like the idea behind this challenge and you'd attempted it well, however , little precision whilst drawing lower lip line would oomph-ed up the whole look :) Overall, nice try x

  9. This is great and I love the challenge ideas! It;s good that you did something different to everyone else too x

  10. the yellow stands out! its the first thing i look at XD

  11. very striking - love that yellow! You're doing a grand job with the challenge!


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