Halloween Contest | Won

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Hello Lovelies,

And I again changed the layout of my blog ...

In today's post I am sharing my happiness with you all. Your appreciation towards the different  makeup looks I try motivates me to try more and different looks.

Recently there were several Halloween contests going across all over social media during Halloween and I participated in one of them.

You must have seen my Broken doll look which I had posted here on the blog. I presented the same to take part in an online Contest and i Won. The contest was arranged by TCS connect. I won the 1st price which was a gift voucher worth 10,000 Pkr (100 USD approx)

I was given choice to shop anything i want from the website TCS Connect and i after going through the whole site i decided to buy a perfume.

Here are the items that i bought with my voucher :)

  • Aura by SWAROVSKI 
  • Funky by Glamour 
  • Pretty by Glamour

Have you used this perfume ? Have you won any contest ? Share your views with me. Again thank you for appreciating my efforts :)

Do you like this new layout ? or the previous black and gold was better ?



PS: Don't leave comment like, " I'd love it if we follow each other via GFC. Let me know if you follow me, I'll follow you rightback." Pffftt, if you want to follow me just follow me first and leave comment with your blog URL, I'll follow back then. Thankyou

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  1. Congrats! It was a great Halloween look :)

    Pink Frenzy

  2. Congratulations on your win, I've never tried any of these x

  3. Ahh congratulations! :)
    I love winning something, and you definitely deserved to with that Halloween look!

  4. Congratulations on your win, I've never tried or heard of any of these!

  5. Congratulations! prefer the white background to the black, however the D in your header is not showing x

  6. Congrats! Your Halloween make up looks truly terrifying so very well deserved! xx

  7. woww once again many congratulations .. keep it up dear xoxo

  8. Congrats girl!
    Oh, love the new look on the blog :)

  9. Congrats
    would you like to follow each other?
    I'll follow back after it


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a really nice blog out here. Congrats on your win. Your new follower on GFC :)

    from Lazygulrox

  11. Congrats, I have also won a make up contest recently. I got 2nd place and won perfums Dior Poison:))

    Great blog. Im your new follower and hope you will follow me too:))

  12. Nice post! Of course we can follow each other! Let me know when you follow me and ill follow you right back!

    And what about social media?

    Facebook / Instagram /Twitter / Chicisimo / Bloglovin

    - Hannah's Heels

  13. Congrats! Awesome post! I was wondering what the perfume smells like. lol.



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