Smash Box Photo OP Eye Brightening Mascara | Review & Swatches

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Hello every one

To begin with, I would mention this mascara was never in my wishlist But it was a big surprise when a fellow blogger Huda from The blog The Lipstickholic sent me this as "Eidi" and that included this amazing smash box Eye Must-Haves. It's a TraveL kit which includes :

  • Layer Lash Primer (0.14 fl. oz.)
  • Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx (0.03 oz.) 
  • Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara (0.17 fl. oz.)
Hey, bright eyes! Our 3-in-1 eye-opening mascara features a long-wearing formula that curls, an innovative brush that lifts every lash, and Blue Prism Technology that brightens for a totally wide-eyed effect. 
  • Instantly curls by 100%
  • Smudge-proof
  • Flake-proof
So what is this awesome technology? A blend of micas, titanium and blue pigments that make the whites of your eyes pop!
Always apply to top AND bottom lashes for a wide-eyed look.
 mascara with one coat
with double coat

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara is the perfect mascara for anyone looking for the appearance of a brighter, more wide-awake look thanks to its subtle blue undertones. This mascara has a very basic wand, with dense and fluffy brush Yet it gives your lashes a thicker and fuller look

It distributes nicely and evenly to the lashes and gives added length to lashes and make it look bigger, longer and voluminous. With this mascara in my stash, I don't feel the need to wear falsies

It creates nice volume, without cramping your lashes and lashes are always separated. What is super cool about this mascara is that it actually curls your lashes when you have it on and because of the curl, your eyes look brighter and more open. I never felt the need to use an eyelash curler when I was wearing this.

One coat of this mascara is enough to give you volumes curl for day-to-day wear. For creating dramatic falsies like the effect you can do two coats. This mascara is unbeatable by any other if used with Smashbox layer lash primer.

I have worn it a couple of times now and I haven’t experienced any flaking or smudging during the day, you will need a makeup remover to get it off, but it removes pretty easily.

I'll admit, when I first saw the skinny wand, I didn't hold much hope because of its very basic skinny wands which means length only and not much else. Well, I can safely eat my words because not only does this skinny wand deliver on length, but it packs a punch in the volume department and curls out my lashes.

This has been my go to mascara for quite sometime now and I am soon going to buy a full size of it. 

Have you used this mascara which one is your favorite?


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  1. I think i'd purchase this product ! sounds very good here

  2. Nice review.. am eyeing some smashbox products.. Since they r not available locally i need to spend more on shipping.. :( giglove :)

    1. yes i also have to pay extra shipping on so many products... sigh

  3. Great review! Seems promising :D shall try out this one day too heh

  4. Good review. I must admit Im quite picky mascara especially after I started using Benefits They're Real Mascara everything seems to pale in comparison. I might try this next though. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Promising product. I didn't try it buy I am putting it on my To Buy list.

  6. omg you have such pretty eyes! so envious of you! anyway, not sure if it's the resolution of the picture or what, but with 2 coats it looks a bit clumpy?

    1. exactly mia. pictures are not doing justice with the coverage it gives

  7. This looks great!!! I do not use much mascara, but when I do I go for BeYu or Maybelline :)

  8. It does did a great job I think , seem really promising.


  9. Love it Shumaila <3 This looks one of those to-go mascara. Loved it x

  10. Glad you like it...And nice review am thinking to get one for myself too :)

  11. First of all,you have killer eyes <3 Great review.Honestly it does sound like a girl's smudge,long stay,no clumping and gives a curl.Thanks for the awesome review

  12. It's been ages since i bought a mascara last.
    Nice review

  13. That is one eye brightening mascara!! I'm tempted to buy it now =D

  14. i think this looks awesome for Mascara! i only have drugstore mascaras, gonna try this one soon!

    Pudding Monster

  15. this makes your lashes look more natural as compared to some mascaras out there

  16. Your lashes look lovely with that mascara! how long are your lashes naturally?

  17. This mascara looks so good on your eyes. Love your EOTD Gig love :)

  18. Your lashes look AMAZING! Wow - This really does work wonders. Love it! <3 GIGLove

  19. This looks like a very good mascara! I love adding to my mascara collection

  20. It looks great! I don't use mascara, or very rarely do as I just end up playing with my eye and it ends up all smudging haha x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  21. I have thin lashes and need to pick up the mascara looking at the wand.. the one which grabs each and every lash works for me... :)

    haha yes I already follow you via GFC :D

  22. Lovely review ...this mascara looks quite promising .... Btw you got really pretty eyes shumaila ..

  23. My favorite mascaras are still Maybelline ones. They're not expensive and they're usually very effective!

  24. OMG, I just realized that you have changed your blog template!! I like it!!! It's more cute and girly... :) BTW, the mascara, I think I'm gonna try it because I need something to keep my lashes curled.. Thanks for the sharing... :)

  25. is look good, your eyes look stunning ^^ gigLove
    @freddy_friday blog

  26. Eye brightening sounds like skincare ._. Lol ._. Nice one thou !^^

  27. Love the review! :)

    p.s: Your nav bar looks so pretty! :D xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  28. This Mascara works really well :) n nice new blog look :)


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