MAC Retro Matte | Ruby Woo | Review & Swatches

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 W Lately, i have had been really busy with my office work with loads of deadlines to meet and thus could not give time to blogging... Sigh :( !! 

So, i decided to write mini reviews and post lots of swatches because at the end of the day i still am very passionate about blogging :)

It's a Red color with bluish hues.

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous. 


Today, I am reviewing MAC - Ruby Woo. This lipstick needs no introduction and the name itself speaks volumes of its reputation in the market ! 
It's a gorgeous, eye-popping, show stopping, true red and seems to make everything pop. It's been raved about endlessly by many and I still can't rave about it enough. 

Since its retro matte it's a lot dryer so it does make your lips feel extremely dry compared to other brands and other MAC lipsticks (even the matte ones)! . However, all of this can be solved if your lips have been well exfoliated before applying this because it really emphasizes dry patches on your lips. 

I love the vanilla smell of this lipstick, however this does not hold on for much longer. The staying power is amazing I have worn it for continuous 6-7 hours without it getting faded. 

So, In my opinion with the “Marsala” color being the official color for 2015 … this shade is going to rock the party and IF you don’t own this shade, It’s the right time to buy one now. 

MAC Lipsticks are now available in Pakistan online at Daraz.Pk other than that there are many online face book pages which can bring any MAC item to your door step. :) 

Have you shopped at Daraz ? How was your experience ?

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  1. wow i like the color.nice post

  2. I love ruby woo! One of my fav. :)

  3. i still need to try ruby woo. its definitely a shade everyone needs

  4. Looks like stunning red :) I might need to get it now! x

    Pink Frenzy

  5. Ruby Woo is a staple :) I own 3 things from MAC only and none of them are lipsticks, but I can't wait to get some! Unfortunately I have to wait for vacations since there's no MAC where I live.

  6. That's a pretty shade :) Is it blue based?

  7. I love Ruby woo.wish I could get it too :( Great review.Do post your photos wearing it too

  8. ahhh i really want this in my life :)

  9. Beautiful shade, though I tend to stay away from matte shades as they really dry my lips out!

  10. Oh man, what a heart breaking beauty babay is this <3

    Wana buy this one soon :)

  11. I am all about matte and MAC you can't really go wrong!


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