MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder Shade Iridescent | Review & Swatches

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Today i am reviewing a highlighter from MUA. Now a days highlighters are a integral part of any makeup look. When i saw this beautiful looking highlighter, i decided to buy it shearly due to its attractive packaging.

MUA’s highlighting powder instantly radiates and lifts any complexion. This can be applied all over for an added radiance or applied to the cheek bones and under the brow bone to lift and accentuate your natural features.

It is a very slim and simple looking baby with a transparent lid on top. It does not take much space and thus fits easily in those quick and easy to carry sleek bags. The product really looks beautiful and is a great one to use as well !
I purchased the Iridescent Gold shade on the MUA stand because of it would match great with my skin tone. The highlighter has a shimmery sheen to it and it's best if applied with a light hand. It looks smoother that ways. It is highly pigmented and and required only one swipe of my finger to get the desired result.  
Golden shade under the eyes makes them look bigger and awake. So for those parties where you know you are tiered and will get late, it is a very decent choice. 
You can apply the highlighter using the brush and swipe it on top of your cheekbones as well. For a skintone like mine, i really feel golden shade is much more suitable and versatile compared to pink.  
I really rate this highlighter as one of the better ones and definitely better than the pink Undress Your Skin highlighter. Easy to fit, nice packaging, highly pigmented, easy to apply and a decent price tag, this baby is not something you should miss.

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  1. I love MUA products x great review doll xxx

  2. wow what a gorgeous pigmentation it have :)

  3. I so love this highlighter... <3 Nice review

  4. I don't have this but I do have Golden lights and it is Ah-mazing! :D

  5. Looks like a really great highlighter. I have the pink toned one but don't use it much because it doesn't match my skin tone. great reveiw
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  6. I love MUA! Their eye shadows are better than MAC, honestly!

  7. I still have to try this highlighter :) I have seen it so many times on blogs and heard great things about it I actually cant believe I havent tried it already :)

  8. That looks pretty good to me, great pigmentation. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  9. This looks great for asian skin tones! I have the pinkier one and found it didn't suit me as much.

  10. I love this highlighter! I haven't tried the iridescent shade but I love the pink shimmer one

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Looks like a lovely highlighter have wanted to try this for a while but keep forgetting to buy one.

    Twitter @pocockins

  12. Looks like a gorgeous highlighter :)

    Pink Frenzy

  13. I've got this in the pink, but I'm really regretting not picking up the gold when I did!

    The highlighter looks lovely, the embossed design looks so luxe! I love the shade too...*sigh*.

  14. I have the pink version which I really like, it does make a nice glow on the skin x

  15. I am slowly getting to grips with what all of these things do and you girls use a lot of different products. I sort of know what a highlighter is and why you need or want it, this on your swatch looks really bright!

  16. This looks so pretty! I need a new highlighter, hoping I can find this locally!

  17. i need to try this! i find pink highlighters doesn't suit my skin tone as well

  18. I love love love golden highlighters. Nice review.

  19. woww thanks for the detailed review ..loveeee the swatch .. now m tempted xoxo


  20. I am looking for a god highlighter these days. Will give it a try. Great review :)


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