Too Faced Myster Bag 2015 | Review

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Hello Lovlies !

So, finally here I am unveiling the mystery of mystery bag. 

Although I got the mystery bag, But the hurdles I faced to obtain it were beyond annoying and I had simply given up any hopes to get it. 

As per too faced, my bag was couriered and that too without notifying me of its delivery and tracking no !! After waiting for almost a month, I contacted them back to ask for the status on which they never responded positively and kept going on.

Finally, After much ruckus and struggle I got reply from them providing me tracking no for my order !! But the problems were not over yet … the bags tracking information said that the item was delivered BUT actually was not delivered to me :( I went to the nearest USPS but they had no clue of it …SIGH !! The item was lost :(

I Again contacted too faced, they said they can’t send me another bag as its already sold out !!! What all they could do is provide me refund :( 

While, going through this all I came across one Online Facebook Page “Iram Lilani” She was my angle in disguise here and was Stocking THE too faced mystery bag :O I knew I still Wanted that bag … I contacted her and asked her to Reserve the bag for me however I told her that I can’t make the payment Immediately …

Even though I am not her regular customer, She was really kind enough to reserve the box for me without any charge. 

I could not wait any longer and i made the payment and the next day she sent the mystery bag to me … 

YYAAAYYYY !!! so yes the bag is finally mine now :) 

Here is the little glimpse of items Included in it :)


And she even sent me a mini but a GIFT ... Paccano Rabani's One Million Perfume Sample :) 

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  1. I wanted one aswell! I am so jealous of u shumi! & Gosh that smokey palette & brush set <3 oh & the bronzer aswell!!!
    Each item is worth drooling for...
    So happy that u actually Got it yaaay!!!

  2. i've never tried too faced but it sounds nice x

  3. Lovely mystery box - I love the brushes.

  4. I love Too Faced the mascara is amazing.


  5. This seems like a lot to get through! the bag and its contents look stunning though! xxx

  6. That eye shadow palette is so nice, I really want to try too faced. KBxx

  7. What a great range of products, they are gorgeous! Love Too Faced as a brand xxx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  8. Ooh wow there are so many lovely products in one! :)

  9. WOW! This is great box! Love everything! x

    Pink Frenzy

  10. Oh wow, this is a great box of products, I am a huge Too Faced fan x

  11. Wow its such a pity and disappointment that you went through all of that :) but glad you got it in the end :) The palette looks amazing :)

  12. Sounds like a lot of hassle but hopefully it was worth it, it looks like a great box - those brushes look fab!

    Jess xo

  13. Bloody hell you went through hell and back to get this gem delivered! haha
    It was worth it though ;)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  14. That palette is gorgeous! I really need those brushes

  15. great box! that eye shadow kit looks amazing!

  16. For a nightmare getting something delivered, it sounds as though you are really happy with the purchase!

  17. i really want this mystery bag. amazing goodies there

  18. I need to try some products by too faced!


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