Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing Gift Set

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Hello Lovlies !

It was When I was sitting low and decided I will do any more shopping, till next month When a Friend just came up with the thing OMG "During this Christmas Season Boots came up with a great offer and reduced Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing Gift Set by over half price" then who can resist Right? !

I ordered this Beautiful Set Through Facebook Seller All That Glitters and within 1 month It was at my doorstep :)

The all-time, bath-daddy of Christmas gifts, it's what every girl wants, it's THE NEXT BIG THING!™ Featuring TEN full-sized Soap & Glory goodies - so much stuff it's RIDICULUXE!

The Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing* has an amazing and very attractive packaging. It is a colorful hatbox that has been illustrated by British Illustrator; Hattie Stewart. The box is an amazing item in itself as it's made from very solid cardboard, and it has a silver faux leather strap. I might just reuse the box as a makeup box. The niceties don't just end here. The products inside are contained in a very beautiful pink cotton drawstring bag which again can be brought to some purpose like storing your nail polishes or any other soft delicate precious makeup.

When the box is so amazing, one could only imagine the awesome products contained inside. 

The Next Big Thing contains ten full size products worth a staggering £76. The set includes body care, skincare and makeup products.


  1. Heel Genius Foot Cream worth £5.50
  2. Orangeasm - Body Wash worth £6.50
  3. Whipped Clean - Shower Butter worth £7
  4. Butter Yourself - Moisture Lotion worth £10
  5. Hand Dream - Super Cream worth £7
  6. The Righteous Butter - Body Butter worth £10.50
  7. Off Your Face- Cleansing Cloths worth £4.50
  8. Sugar Crush - Body Scrub worth £8
  9. Thick & Fast - Super Volume Mascara worth £10
  10. Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine Lacquer - Charm Offensive worth £7 
  11. A Bonus Draw String Bag 
I bought it for PKR 6400 (Approx 64 USD) which is inclusive of all the shipping, Import Duties, Custom, Taxes etc etc ... So, I think its worth the price :)

I'm sure you'll agree, that getting all of these products for just £29 is just so fantastic that there would be no way you would wanna miss this deal. So pamper yourself with one and purchase one right now because they sell out very quickly.

Do you Like Soap & Glory ? Which is your favorite product ?



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  1. i wanted thissss soo soo bad! just decided too late :( lol lucky you

  2. a cute box full of yummy things, defo the next 'best' thing xx

  3. This set is amazing! You are so luck to get your paws on it! xx

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams Diary

  4. I also wanted this but got lazy as always :p

  5. This seems amazing! I've been wanting it too!! Looks great value for the price. :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. yayyy its totally worth it .. m loving mine ... great post like always dear x

  7. I'd love to grab it if i can find it at boots.

  8. Love this set :) now i want it :(( too bad for me :(( i wish if i had knowed earlier and had gotten this well enjoy your set :) xoxo

  9. You are lucky to get it on time, the box is lovely as well :)

  10. Great deal. You got some amazing stuff in really reasonable price. Enjoy

  11. This set looks amazing, I've only used a few S&G products before xxx

  12. I LOVE soap and glory as a brand and this set is just DREAMY.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  13. i love soap and glory products. ive tried a few from this set

  14. It looks so good! I can't wait when they start selling it where I live. xx

    Pink Frenzy

  15. I so wished I'd picked this up as it is amazing value for what you get! x


  16. Absolutely yummy deal and the post itself. I so want to try Soap & Glory, heard a lot about this company. Hey Come, visit my blog.

  17. soap and glory products are too good. You have just got them in such an amazing price. So lucky.


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