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You girls are well aware of how much i love blogger meetups. Right ?? Let me share with you the amazing experience i had at #MEETUPWITH ORIENT  

9th June, 2015 (Karachi): Orient Textile, a leading clothing brand recently held an exclusive bloggers meetup dinner at Tao – Pan Asian Cuisine restaurant. This meet-up is the first of many more such efforts to come as Orient Textile believes in building relationships with the rising influencers of the Pakistani fashion industry.

The Premium Festival Collection 2015 is not just lawn or any other fabric for that matter, it’s a complete ensemble that transforms your everyday look into something worthwhile. The color palette ranges from monochromatic tones to vibrant hues and each outfit is made complete with fine detailing that truly stands out. Orient Textile believes in using the best quality fabric and has introduced the concept of odor resistant clothing for the very first time in Pakistan.

Amjad Rafiq, Director and Brand Manager of Orient, opined on the launch of the collection, “Today, at this meet up, we are celebrating the release of Orient’s Premium Collection. We have launched our Festive Premium Collection 2015 on 8th of June and are both honored and proud to present a collection truly inspired by the ethnic values of traditional festivities with a tinge of modernity. Our collection has a beautiful fusion of light and dark with a play of multicolor-embroidery. Basically, we have got something for everyone. I am grateful to have a wonderful team that has all worked very hard to bring to you this exquisite collection and this exciting event. We hope that you will fall in love with our latest collection and look forward to celebrating our traditions with you in every season from here on. Have a lovely evening, everyone. Thank you.”

The meet-up was a fruitful and fun filled night where prominent fashion bloggers enjoyed getting to know about Orient Textile and their recent collection. Engaging activities, captivating conversations and exclusive giveaways by Orient Textile made this a successful initiative.

I surely had a great time at #MeetupWithOrient and enjoyed the food and games along with getting to know about the brand and it's new collection.





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  1. This event looks great, you must have enjoyed a lot :)

  2. Looks like a fun event, I love attending events haven't been to one in a while though.


  3. How fun! I've never gone to a meet up, but they always sound like a great time! :)

  4. i love blogger meet ups but why is everyone engrossed in their phones?

  5. I love how in each photo, someone is on their phone ;) x

  6. The event seems so fun, and every one is busy with their own cells... social networking at its peak :) Great and thanks for sharing :)

  7. Sounds like a fun event and great way to meet other bloggers x

    Pink Frenzy

  8. Seems like it was a great event. Everyone is looking great. Sidrah is too cute <3

  9. I loved the pics, such events are always fun! :)

  10. such a lovely event.Thanks for sharing.

  11. seems like a great fun event .. love your clicks <3


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