Press Release - HSY introduce new Bridal Wear Collection at TBCW 2015

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HSYset to open Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015 with the ateliers Couture Summer Collection 2015

Following the successful showcase of his “INK” Collection at PSFW 2015 which is also now retailing in stores,fashion force HSY is set to open Telenor Bridal Couture Week on Friday 5th June with a new Couture Summer Collection,in Karachi.


Staying true to the brand’s ethos of designing with traditional allure and timeless elegance, the HSY summer couture collection infuses pure chiffons withsilks in rich jewel tones embellished with traditional embroidery techniques across classic silhouettes to create alook that channels the HSY timeless bride. Indeed inspired by the Royal Darbars of the Subcontinent, the collection envisions the story of a Mughal Queen as she takes audiences on a journey of traditional glamour, binding together eternal sophistication with chic modernism.

The collection highlights on intricately embellished Lehengasalong with shirts with shorter hemlines and HSY’s signature floor length gowns.

HSY’s Couture Summer Collection will be available on order at the HSY Studio in Lahore from 10th of June 2015.




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  1. Looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing

  2. wow this dress looks like it comes out of a fairytale!! absolutely stunning!!! :D

  3. Such a lovely bridal wear by HSY and love the way Amna ilyas is caring it. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.

    Kanwalikram's Blog

  4. OMG ... m so in love with HSY designs ... sooo looking forward for the collection .. thanks for sharing ♡♡

  5. Such a beautiful dress with all of those colours x

  6. Nice collection of Bridal dresses and these are popular in Pakistan..


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