Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick | Matte Adorable | Review & Swatches

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I am a big time lipstick hoarder and just cannot resist the urge to buy  more and more lipsticks.

Today, I am reviewing a lipstick for you: Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick in Shade Matte Adorable. I had seen a few beauty bloggers rave about this new Modern Matte lipstick collection

Jordana cosmetics make these super affordable yet amazing cosmetics and it’s very rare that they disappoint me. So, Just start with the review ....
Kiss Your Dry Matte Lipstick Goodbye…Say Hello to the Modern Matte

• Modern Matte Lipsticks are a Winning Combination of High Payoff Pigments and Special Ingredients that Comfortably Extend the Wear
• Expertly Selected Shades Have an All-Day Wear Without the Typical ‘Dry Lip’ Finish that Feathers and Cracks
• Talc and Paraben-Free
• Made In USA

Tips and Tricks 

Begin applying from the center of your upper lips and work your way to the outer edges. Same application is used for your bottom lips.

Tip: To extend the wear of your lipstick, outline your natural lip line with a coordinating Jordana Lip Liner and fill in you lips before applying color.

Matte Adorable : cool, bright light orchid

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick | Matte Adorable | Review & Swatches
Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick | Matte Adorable | Review & Swatches
Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick | Matte Adorable | Review & Swatches
Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick | Matte Adorable | Review & Swatches
Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick | Matte Adorable | Review & Swatches
Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick | Matte Adorable | Review & Swatches
review :

Packaging : This lipstick comes in a sleek packaging with a clear cap. The clear cap makes it easy to see the actual color of the lipstick.  The color of the bottom half of the packaging matches that of the lipstick which helps telling the lipsticks apart if you have more than one of them. 
Texture : Being these are matte lipsticks I was expecting it to dry my lips but I have worn these almost everyday since I bought them and I can say they don’t dry out my lips at all. The formula is matte yet moisturizing. They feel very light and comfortable on my lips. Although It’s always best to exfoliate your lips before applying any matte lipstick but at least I do skip that part still they do not enhance fine lines or looks chapped.

Pigmentation & Lasting : The pigmentation is perfection and all it takes is 2 swipes to give a pretty pink on the lips. it stays on me for 3+ hours and then it vanishes completely leaving no stain behind.

Scent : It's fruity vanilla type scent  very similar like of "Milani Color Statement Lipstick" the best part is it last for a while.

Overall : These are great lipstick for every day wear and comes in variety of shades to choose from. It is moisturizing and doesn't dry out your lips.

Price & Availability  : it's priced 445 PKR and is available online at Jordana Cosmetics 

pros :
  • Pigmented
  • Affordable
  • Lasting power is good
  • doesn't dry lips
  • doesn't bleed
  • easily available
  • variety of shades 
cons :
  • Lipstick might be drying for some.
  • Stays put only for around 3 hours.
  • Packaging is flimsy.
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  1. Looks like a good product for its price Shumaila but still 3 hours seems a bit too less. The color looks great on you

  2. The color payoff is really amazing. Its not a shade that I would get for myself but its looking amazing on you. Great review

  3. Ok I am trying NOT to get tempted to get one of these lols!

  4. nice color payoff! Wear time is short, but they are priced good!

  5. That's a lovely shade and the pigmentation is pretty good too! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. These lipsticks got raved when they came, need to check this one. Nice review.

  7. Thats quite pigmented. I dont like the packaging though.

  8. It seems so pigmented and full of color. I'm not sure if I could bull off this shade though x

    Pink Frenzy

  9. The product seems good ill surely check some other shades :)

  10. Aww nice review! I could not carry that shade but you sure can :D


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