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Hey Beauties,
There is a great news for all Sigma Lovers ...  This January Sigma has come up with its new Dimensional Lips Sets to cater the love of all the Lipstick Hoarders ....

About the Set :
The Curated Lip Set includes :
  1. Make Your Pout Lip Set
  2. Sealed with a Kiss Lip Set
  3. Power Liner
  4. Lip Eclipse
  5. Power Crayon
  6. Power Stick
Make Your Pout Lip Set: 
The Make Your Pout Lip Set is a curated collection of bold hues ranging from a cool pink, vivid orange and a deep brick red. The powerful colors can be mixed, matched and layered to create a one-of-a-kind lip that is truly your own. Each product boasts a unique finish from stay-all-day matte, creamy finishes and decadent high-shine. ($71 Value)

  • Bloody Good Power Stick
  • Sigma Pink Power Crayon
  • She Know the Ropes Lip Eclipse
  • Make Your Mark Power Liner
Order  >> HERE
Sealed with a Kiss Lip Set : 
The Sealed with a Kiss Lip Set is a curated collection of wearable neutrals that can be mixed and matched for a variety of looks and finishes. Create a matte look with Carnation Power Liner or go full-shine with Seal of Approval Lip Eclipse. Combine any or all of the products for a custom pout that is perfectly you. ($71 Value)

  • Nancy Power Stick
  • Signed, Sealed Power Crayon
  • Seal of Approval Lip Eclipse
    Carnation Power Liner
Order  >> HERE
power liner : 
The twist-up Power Liner goes on smooth and keeps your other lip products at bay. Colors can be mixed and matched with your favorite lip color or used all-over for a matte look. Amp up your favorite lip-look or bring it down-to-earth with a neutral shade.
  • Sigma Pink: Signature magenta pink
  • Carnation: Grounded, dirty pink
  • Heartbeat: Earthy tomato 
  • Artful: Light pink/peach 
  • Make Your Mark: Neutral, light red 
  • Initial: Bold, orchid purplish shade
Order  >> HERE
lip eclipse :
The Lip Eclipse is a creamy, opaque liquid lipstick. The color is highly-pigmented and maintains a smooth satin finish. The sponge applicator tip gives you extreme control for a precise pout.
  • Sigma Pink: Signature magenta pink
  • She Knows the Ropes: Watermelon mashed with mango
  • Seal of Approval: Light and neutral lip shade
  • London Girl: Peach amped up
  • Oh Kitten!: Perfectly 60’s light pink
  • Rosette: Dressed up pink/mauve
Order  >> HERE

power crayon :  
The Power Crayon is a high-pigment crayon with moisture. The twist up crayon shape makes applying the product quick and easy. The color stays all day and won’t dry out your lips.
  • Sigma Pink: Signature magenta pink
  • Own It: Deep purple
  • Rubicund: Neutral, just bitten lip color
  • Ode to Pink: Cool bubblegum pink
  • Stage Name: Bold coral
  • Signed, Sealed: Soft, dirty, red rose
Order  >> HERE

power stick : 
The Power Stick is your new go-to in a smooth formula that offers full-pigment coverage to the lips. In unique, wearable shades ranging from vivid to neutral, the sleek magnetic tube protects your favorite lipstick and your purse from dreaded mishaps.
  • Sigma Pink: Signature magenta pink
  • Clover: Soft, wearable pink
  • In Spades: Earthy, natural lip color
  • Nancy: Soft peach
  • Bloody Good: Heirloom tomato red 
  • Stamina: Electric, bold plum 
Order  >> HERE

Sigma Beauty Dimensional Lips Set is available online at Sigma Beauty Website You can check complete variety of HERE
Use code "SIgma2016" to get 10% off your purchase at Sigma Beauty

In Pakistan, Sigma Beauty brushes are available at Facebook page The Haute Shop - Beauty, Fashion and Accessories They are the authorized retailer of Sigma Beauty in Pakistan. 

Have you tried any of the Li p Set till yet ? Which one you want to try ? what do you think about this set ? 

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  1. This set looks amazing, would love to own it.

  2. These look great! LOVE your reviews, always so thorough and informative!

  3. These sets look amazing, im not one for gloss but I do need to up my lip liner game x

  4. I think I need those power crayons! I've yet to try any Sigma makeup products, that will have to change. ;)

  5. Love the look of these <3 I really do need to take a close look of this brand x

    Pink Frenzy

  6. Loving these Lip sets. They are so good value for money.

  7. The color is neutral and perfect for every skin tone.


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