Besame Cosmetics Lipstick Matchbook | Review & Swatches

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A look that can kill .. and a lipstick that could burn ... Let me introduce to you all Beasme Matchbook lipstick ... Its only the packaging which made me buy them ...

About the Product :
Now you can try our famous Besame Red Lipstick! Each matchbook includes 5 sticks. Use each stick up to 3 times, enough for 15 full lipstick applications. Packaged in a vintage matchbook they are perfect for travel and sharing. Whether you are discovering Besame for the first time or are a long time customer you will enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our lipstick matchbooks. One colors per sample, choose your favorites from 6 complementary color combinations. A semi-matte finish with one coat full coverage. The highest natural pigment content for a smooth, indelible, feather-proof finish. Enriched with squalene, vitamin C and aloe. Our vintage reproduction reds are the exact shades used by your favorite Hollywood starlets.
  • Formulated without Parabens
  • Gluten-free
  • Made in the USA 
Packaging : The packaging of these match lipstick is the only thing that attracted me to try these babies. They come packaged in a vintage matchbook and are perfect for travel or sharing. It contains 5 match sticks and is so cute. There's supposed to be 2 - 3 full application of lipstick on each match for on the go.  I will say they actually contain enough color to reapply your entire lip look in a hurry plus they are small enough to even act as a lip liner.

Formula & Texture : The formula is very creamy and glides on smoothly without any tugging and is adequately hydrating on the lips. The finish is a satiny matte that’s very classic. Color glides on beautifully and doesn’t tug during application plus it feels very lightweight and not at all drying.

Pigmentation & Lasting : Besame’s formula is wonderfully rich in pigment and provides opaque color on a single application that wears for a solid five to six hours without fading, migrating, or feathering. Even after eating and drinking, the color faded a little BUT! all I had to do was press my lips together.

Scent : It has a vanilla scent same with MAC lipsticks and Colourpop Lippie Stix.

Price : The match book is sample sized of actual lipsticks and is priced 6 USD.


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  1. Ahh these are beautiful. I love how quirky they are. The colour is beautiful too x

  2. What a fab idea. I think I'd buy these and not use them.

  3. I am not a makeup girl but even I love these and would be tempted to buy them. What clever packaging.

  4. Oh this is quite an interesting concept and I love the shades x

  5. The packaging looks cool! But the product looks drying on the lips.

  6. quite interesting post dear how about following each other

  7. Never heard of the brand but the idea is great.

  8. Packaging is cute though. Never heard of this before. It looks like colorpop's previous formula. Isnt it?

  9. Wow I love the packaging, have to check for the availability of the brand

  10. Good post and I am loving the products.


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