SigMagic BruShampoo | Review & Demo

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Sigma just cannot stop to amaze me with their innovative products over last few years.  After Brushes, Makeup, Cleansing Mat, Brush Storage, Sigma Beauty has recently launched brush cleaning shampoo called SigMagic Brushampoo

If you follow me on my Instagram account, you can might have seen a demo. The new Sigma Beauty SigMagic Brushampoo is made of 100& natural ingredient. The ingredient are virgin coconut oil and certified palm oil which not only meant to clean brushes but also take care of their bristles too.


SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ is a groundbreaking product created to take brush care to the next level. Using 100% natural virgin coconut and palm oil, this cleanser effectively dissolves product build-up, oil residue and harmful bacteria to enhance the functionality of brushes. Combine SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ with any of our award-winning Sigma Spa® products for the deepest clean possible. Fragrance, sulfate and paraben free.

  • Made with Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Certified, Sustainable Palm Oil
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Antimicrobial
  • Breaks Down Product Build-Up
  • Free of Fragrance, Parabens and Sulfates
SigMagic BruShampoo | Review & Demo
SigMagic BruShampoo | Review & Demo
SigMagic BruShampoo | Review & Demo

SigMagic BruShampoo | Review & Demo
SigMagic BruShampoo | Review & Demo

SigMagic BruShampoo | Review & Demo


If you are makeup lover, you know the importance of properly clean and well maintained makeup brushes !! Washing brushes can be a pain FOR SOME ONE AS LAZY AS ME ...

In the time of need - just after halloween, when i was actually worried how would i clean up the mess I created  - how would i clean so many makeup brushes... SigMagic Brushshampoo came to my rescue. It’s super easy to use and trust me it works like a charm. All you have to do is damp your brush with water and pump 2-4 drops of the SigMagic Brushampoo onto the brush and I like to use the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaner with it swirl it and baammm  you have crystal clean new like brushes  ....

This shampoo itself comes in luxurious white spray bottle and is color less and adore less.. This shampoo has thin, runny texture it’s basically soap water and can easily be dispensed by pump. but once you start swirling your brush on textured surface it foams up really well!

Face brushes only require one to two pumps of product, while smaller brushes require lesser amount. I actually dispensed 5-7 drops the shampoo on the Cleaning glove and washed 8-10 brushes in minutes. 

One bottle contains 150 ml of product and retails for US$15 at  Sigma Beauty Website, which is such a great price considering one a tiny bit of product goes a long way. I have already re stocked a bottle for future and would definitely repurchase this time and time again!

Final Verdict 

I’ve never been happier and more in love with brush cleansing shampoo and gadgets before – this just changed my life for the better. It made my brush cleansing  routine so much faster!

I highly recommend the 2X Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove
 and Sigmagic Brushampoo, even if you’re just a beginner with makeup because it’s so easy to use, helps maintain your brushes’ shape, is so affordable, and saves time!


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Disclaimer: These products were generously provided by Sigma Beauty for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No payment was received for this review. Post may contain affiliate links.

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