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So, Maliha Rao a.k.a Red Alice Rao arranged a hi-tea at her place for Karachi beauty bloggers... It was basically a one-dish and since it was 23rd March, an official holiday I could not resist the chance of meeting all the lovelies at one stop... nothing beats the comfort of home and meeting a like minded at home is so no less than a tour of Sephora.... We could non-stop chat about makeup... what else could one want...
Everyone chooses what they will bring as their "one-dish" before hand... and the time decided was 6.00 pm. Me & Jee Bee from The Glam World as usual decided to tag along and reached there on time... with her, you have to be on time as otherwise she will get those anxiety attacks.

When we reached there, Marium Fahad from Marium Says..., Sidrah from Sidrah Beauty, Rabeeyah Tengukar (PBS admin) from Rabyeeah, Umaima Mehtab from DudetteTalks were already there... immediately we mingled up and started chatting... our first topic was how Jee Bee's hair were ruined by "Meryam Asghar" we kept discussing makeups and skin care and what not... and YES we also bragged about our Online makeup store "The Glam Shop", Soon Anushae from Anushae Says joined us.

When everyone was there we went live on PBS Instagram and answered beauty related queries of some of the people.

The table was nicely arranged by maliha with all the food stuff that we girls bought... and we could not stop talking even while eating...

It was so much fun... Thank you so much Maliha for inviting us over... we need to meet more often and bond and If you are wondering about my silver hairs, Its Mehron Metallic Powder

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