Let's hunt Karachi with foodpanda SWOT #FoodRun

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Food Panda along with The Swot Guide arranged something different for the foodies of karachi called #FoodRun.

The trip was all about (re)discovering the medieval and authentic food streets of Karachi and the flavours they have to offer. So, on Sunday, 12th March 2017 all decided to gather up at Zamzama Mall, DHA at 5 PM to begin the food hunt.

Who can say no for food ? right ?! I was super excited about this trip and reached well on time. it was a group of around 24 people and they all gathered around by 5.30.

Everyone hopped in the bus, and the journey began ...

1st stop was BURNS ROAD Waheed Kebab House where we tasted the scrumptious kebab fry & Nihari + naan + salad + chatni

Next Stop was HANIIFIA (Burgers) where we got to taste the juiciest Hunter Beef Burger ... I don't Eat BEEF at all but after ages i Tried and just loved it.

After that we were served with the refreshing (sugar cane juice shots) from  ICE COOL

As if its not already filling we immediately rushed to GURU MANDIR Meerut Famous Kebab House and tried their (Chicken Boti and parathas) the food was super tasty and paratha's were super soft it will just melt in your mouth.

To complete the meal we were served with (lassi shots) from nearby MILKSHOP.

It did not end at this. Our next stop was ZAMEER ANSARI  at bhadurabad where we got to taste (Dhaga Kebab + chicken jhatka + Paratha)

Next to Zameer Ansari is QUETTA ALAMGIR at ALAMGIR ROAD which is very famous for it
(latchydar parathas & chai) Yes we tried that also ...


How could we forget Dessert ? to complete the feast we rushed to DHORAJI for trying there's ultimate Gola Gunda. It was heaven

Over all it was the most amazing experience of my life. Getting to meet so many foodies and Trying so much of the traditional food on a single day was awesome.

Thank you Food Panda and The Swot Guide for arranging such a lovely trip.

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