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and yet I was MIA and I do not think any excuse will justify the absence from your baby! No ?

So, today, I am reviewing NARS UNFILTERED II CHEEK PALETTE, I do not own more such palettes for blushes so, decided in invest in this one when I saw it on Sephora's Website.

*CONQUEST: Pastel peach (matte)
*UNDEFEATED: Pale pink (shimmer)
*POWER PLAY: Vivid pink (matte)
  HOT SAND: Peach champagne (sheen)
*FAME: Pink amber (sheen)
*CANDID: Mauve raspberry (shimmer)

With a stunning array of warm to cool pigments, the Narsissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette sculpts, shapes, and glows with a covetable wardrobe of high-impact matte and seductive shimmer blushes. Wear soft pinks and golds. The limited-edition set offers richly pigmented, micronized formulas for sheer, buildable color.

This palette from NARS is just gorgeous! It's limited edition Sephora-exclusive palette and includes 5 new shades and 1 classic shade.

This comes in a sturdy hefty plastic package with a pink mirror finish on the top. Like all NARS blushes, these are highly pigmented and soft but not powdery.

I like that there is a mix of matte and shimmer shades as well as warm and cool shades of pink. Even the shimmery blushes are without obvious chunks of glitter. You can also swirl a few together you can easily do that to customize a new color.

Each blush is 0.12 oz and retails for $59 (available at and One full sized NARS blush is .16 oz at $30, so the value of this is really good.



 What Narsissist Unfiltered Palette would you pick? My fave is Unfiltered II just because they’re more wearable for my skin tone – more “every day” for me!

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