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Today, I am here at this spa named "Amethsyt by Roohi" for “Hair Cut”. I have been to this place so many times before for Manicure, Pedicure, and Facials but never for HaircutI got this free voucher from Soul Sisters Pakistan meetup

I booked my appointment beforehand and reached there on time. They made me sit for a minute and then took me for hair wash.

I was amazed to see the hair washing chair !! It’s massaging chair. The lady washed my hairs really gently and after application of conditioner gave me a gentle short head massage. 


⚡️CUT :
Now, I was waiting for the cut to start but I had 2 issues...
1- I was clueless as to what I want :/
2- I do not want short length. :|

The girl named Nazia was properly trained in what she does. She said she joined the places 3 months ago and have worked in Tony n guy for good 8 years.

After some discussion, we finalized to go for  “Long Feather” It will give volume and the length won’t go too short. 

I could see my hairs falling :$ and as agreed she did not chop much of my hairs ... 

I loved the cut even without blow dry 😍💕
2 girls doing the blow dry 🤓

Loved the final look >> Amethyst by Roohi Spa

PS : This is not a paid post or free service !!

Have you been to this salon? If not, what’s your go-to place?



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