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Today, I am going to review something other than makeup on my Blog and it's a Shampoo Bar from  LUSH Cosmetics: Godiva 2-in-1I am open to experiments, so when I saw, the Lush promotional Ad on Facebook,  I decided to give this bar a try and I ordered this shampoo online. 


The shampoo bar comes without any plastic containers (Lush has a policy of using as less plastic as possible, they call it naked packaging).

Since it's my first shampoo bar from any brand, One of the first concerns I had was how long will the shampoo bar last. I didn’t want something that gets used up in 4-5 washes. Lush claims it lasts 80 washes though.

I have used it twice only and I am happy to say that I have found the shampoo quite pleasing. I barely rub in on the scalp once or twice on my short hairs and it lathers quite well.

It has this amazing smell of jasmine which lingers on hairs quite a few hours. It's not overwhelming for me at least as I am a sucker for fragrance.

I used it both with a conditioner and without a conditioner. Lush claims it’s a 2-in-1 bar but I would recommend using a conditioner. It does not dry your hair but It does add any shine/gloss either. My hair is squeaky clean and feels soft Though. It doesn’t feel harsh and still cleans hair nicely. I used it both with conditioner and without a conditioner.

I have not used it with oiled hair yet So, I am not sure if it will work well or not.

Overall, It just makes my hair soft, clean and my hair smells incredibly amazing. 

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Disclaimer: These lenses were sent to me for review from I have no affiliation with them and am in no way paid for this review. My reviews, as always, are my 100% honest opinion. :)

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