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Hello loves!

I Believe Its Better Late, Than Never !!!

So, I Was Invited To Attend An Event At Rashid Salon On Sunday At around 3 months ago. As It Was Sunday, I Could Easily Go Otherwise My Office Routine Sucks ...

So, It Was For The Makeover And I Had Nothing In My Mind As Such. I Thought As Always I Will Get My Hair Cut Refreshed And will go with Some Highlights.

I Reached There on Time And Had Quite A Chit Chat With Fellow Bloggers Until Rashid Came And Discussed The Look That I Want. As Mentioned Above, I Said Layers And He Suggested Some Streaks For The Color Change.

While The Other Girls Were Getting Their Makeover Dobe I Had This Amazing Coffe And Was Waiting For My Turn.

My Turn Came, They Washed And Prepared My Hairs, And  Just When He Was About To Cut The First Strand Of My Hair, I Said, Rashid Wait !! I Want Some Major Transformation, And He Was So Excited And Suggested Me To Go For Lob. I Was Scared And Confused, Whether Should I Or Should Not !!!

I Always Like Lob But Was Never Thought That I Can Carry It. I Had This Fear It Will Never Suit Me.

Hesitantly I Said Yes Go For It. In My Mind, I Was Shivering And Was Not Sure About My Decision. How Would It Look, How Would People React? More Importantly, How Would My Family Respond To Impulsive Act...

He Started Cutting .. Chop Chop Chop And With In Few Minutes, All My Long Hairs Were Gone ... Literally Gone.

Then I Was Taken For The Streak, We Agreed For The Blond Without Cut-Down, It Was Done. I Am Not Very Much Pleased With The Tone, Its Way Too Harsh ... Every Hairstylist That Look At The Color Asks Me "Kaha Se Karwaya" From Where Did You Get It ... :( I Felt, Even Rashid Was Not Happy With The Result As He Asked Me To Come Later Foe Tonning.

Overall, It Was A Good Experience And Thrilling Experience ... Would Suggest You Visit The Salon For Your Hair Transformations At least



How Did You Like My New Look ??

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