Kryolan HD Micro Primer | Review & Swatches

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Kryolan HD Micro Primer | Review & Swatches
I am not a prime person but this product has actually changed my makeup game. It made the application of various products so easy just like a charm. It would change the thick paint stick into a creamy product for the liquid foundation like application. 

It's Kryolan HD micro Primer !!! Kryolan a makeup brand, most of the girls grew up using it. At least I am using this brand since I was 12-13 But I Stop using these paint sticks because the application was hard. This product made me love the brand again .. so here comes the review ...

The Kryolan HD Micro primer comes in a sturdy square shaped plastic Blue and white tube with a screw cap that closes really tightly making it a travel-friendly product. 

The consistency of the primer is soft and creamy. It's more like a balm that will make your skin smooth and silky.  It can be used as both face and eye primer. 

It can use directly on the face like a regular primer BUT I use it directly on Kryloan Tube. I squeeze a few drops on the tube itself and make a paste of the foundation for smooth butter like application. 

It also minimizes the appearance of pores. It avoids your foundation getting into fine lines/wrinkles. 

Usually, when I use foundation, small cracks begin to appear near my lip area but to my surprise, I found that it never happened when I used this primer. 

It contains small shimmer particles that vanish once applied.  This primer will the best friend of most beauty addicts.

Have you ever used any Kryolan Products and What do you think about them?

Kryolan HD Micro Primer | Review & Swatches
Kryolan HD Micro Primer | Review & Swatches
Kryolan HD Micro Primer | Review & Swatches
Kryolan HD Micro Primer | Review & Swatches


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