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Yet Again, A Lipstick Review. I am planning to post some Eye Shadow Palette reviews soon !!!

I don't remember exactly when did I buy this lipstick. I believe it came with one of the subscription boxes. It's one of the most amazing lip Crayon I tried ... It's none other than the most raved Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon by Marc Jacob in shade Plum N Get It.

The lipstick comes packaged in a plastic chubby pencil in black with a color coordinated patch on it. So, if you do have more than one of these, it would be fairly easy to select the one you want.

I have reviewed so many lipsticks and yet I have never encountered a texture like this – EVER! this formula is insanely creamy, so much so, that at first, it is hard to believe these were very long-lasting let alone matte. While the formula is creamy and soft on the application they do surprisingly dry down to a satin matte finish and will not move around during the course of wear or when you press your lips together.

They glide across the lip way too smoothly while the crayon actually allows a great deal of control and precision. it is a pretty much weightless.

The pigmentation is Ridiculously great. One swipe is enough for completing covering the lips. The shades are definitely not flat. The ‘ghost pearl’ certainly adds dimension and the most gorgeous sheen and shift to the lips. To say I am impressed is an understatement. The longevity isn’t as great as your usual liquid lipstick but still lasts through food and drink.

There is a slight fragrance but I did not register it while applying. I smelled it only when I actually sniffed the product.


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