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So, this time its a PRIMERrrr... and not LIPSTICK. Sadly, I lost one of my favorite Tarte Lipstick BUT I just found it back today so, the next review ... ;)

Anyways, I got this Primer in VOxBOX by Influenster but as you know me ... my opinion and thoughts are all honest ... so here you go ...


PACKAGING : The packaging is so good and different. It's very travel friendly. As its a tube but with a pump.

TEXTURE : It's very lightweight and absorbed so quickly into my skin. I have a combination skin, with two toned skin around my lip and chin area. but this did a great job in prepping my face well for foundation.

The product can be wear in 3 ways.
(1) alone (2) under foundation, (3) mixed in with foundation.

ALONE : When I used it alone, It worked as tinted moisturizer and gave me a smooth skin.

UBDER FOUNDATION : I did not find any difference while wearing it under foundation.

WITH FOUNDATION : I just loved the result. it made the application of foundation super buttery both with liquid and stick foundation. I was looking for an alternative of my Kryloan HD primer and I think it can be a replacmenet.

In terms of product wear longevity, It last pretty 8-9 hours with extreme rough routine the coverage faded for me by the end of the day.

It has got citrusy scent more like you are eating an orange and no smell at all of bananan as the name suggest but it does not linger!

Overall, I really recommend this product and think it’s worth the splurge!

Please note that I received this Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer complimentary from Influenster to provide an honest review.

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