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Food tasting anyone? yes please, anytime!

I have recently started this new section on my Blog. Being a Foodie girl, I think FOOD does deserve some space on my blog. NO ??

Big Thick Burgerz recently opened their new outlet In Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi and I was invited to try out their menu. I am not a big fan of burgers because its really gets messy to eat but lately, I was craving for some good juicy burger so I decided to give it a try.

They have a variety of beef and chicken burgers in a different flavor to cater to the taste buds of different people. You can choose from spicy - mild- no spice range and they would suggest to accordingly.

Since I am a no beef person and would not opt for very spicy options, yet I wanted it to be saucy, they suggested me to try their "CALIFORNIA MUSHROOM" and oh God it was so tasty and juicy and saucy. The chicken was well cooked and tender. But there were hardly 1/2 mushrooms oh well ...

From the appetizers I tried "Spicy tender chicken" and it was mouthwatering. Chicken strip filled with jalapeno sauce and deep fried coated in bread crumbs was actually a treat for my taste bud.

I also tried their "Cheesy Jalapeno" fries and it was good nothing extraordinary but good.

the outlet is located next to OPTP Gulshan, I place easily accessible by the majority of people and it's on the main road as well.

The overall food experience was pleasant and I would definitely go back to try more burgers. You can find more about their food and other updates from their website HERE.

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