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Hey Lovelies,
Its been almost a year I posted anything on the blog... but now I am again tempted. this time it's not makeup related stuff... I spent my lockdown watching resin art video and soon after things got back to normal, I joined one online class of Epoxy Resin ... I am a newbie but I am literally loving to play with resin ... so, I thought why not to jot it down here for the benefits of those who would love to learn but do not want to take any classes...
I have joined an online class from the School of Resin, It is a Facebook page and when I saw their sponsored post they are starting the classes I just joined/paid without asking any questions or researched about the page...

Am I happy with the way of teaching is a separate question but I am learning the art ... Items you need : 1. 12" round MDF sheet 350
2. 18inch round wooden board 450/- rupees ( thickness 9mm)
3. Mica powder 300/- 10gm each ( 19 colors available ) ( any shade u desire you can order)
4. Epoxy resin 1.5kg kit 2200/- rupees /Elypoxy epoxy resin starter pack 750gm kit 1200/- rupees ( I suggest you get 1.5kg)
5. Flame gun 500/-
6. Weighing scale
1. Mold for coaster {available at Robin art or meemnoonresinartist [insta page] }
3. Canvas x 1 (any size)
4. Bases for jewelry (pendant, rings, ear studs, keyring)
5. GMSA Sealant
6. Glass paint golden, silver / Golden, silver marker
7. Door/tray handles
9.sealant gun

Not just it. there are so many other items which we are required to buy which we are told during the classes :/ Kinda turn off for me. Also, I did not know it would not be live classes ... these are recorded lessons ... which apparently they told me before registering and I overlooked ... not so excited about the classes but yaaayy I love this art and I am learning ...

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